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We welcome your messages, questions, words, feedback and advice. But we make it clear to please avoid spam, offer to sell us something, just to be nice. But we get hundreds of spam "attacks" that are being directed straight to trash can.

Here is a short sample of some messages we received in 1 week. Swearing or illegal words or azbuka are skipped, don't worry. We also don't need web site help, do not use WordPress or Instagram.

Save yours and time of others, stop wasting electricity, power of Internet, software and change it to do something positively productive. Say you send million emails and make one customer out of it. You just wasted 999,999 emails ...

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Try accepting guest posts!

I have just took an in depth look on your site for the ranking keywords and saw that your website could use a push.

I can help you to grow and promote your Instagram account organically

Are you aware that your business may qualify for substantial tax credits?

Good afternoon dear friends!

Just checked your baclink profile, I noticed a moderate percentage of toxic links pointing to your website.

This is Eric and I ran across a few minutes ago. Looks great ... but now what?

I can Provide You with WordPress Landing page!

By using Google’s Grant Program which allows businesses to attain complementary 2.5k/week (120k/yr) Google Ads credits when they correctly apply (which is what we specialize in).

Christmas crypto request with huge benefits.

We run an Instagram growth service, which increases your number of followers both safely and practically.

Allow me to present to you a lifetime revenue opportunity of 35%.

Forget about conventional SEO metrics and other factors touted by numerous tools.

I now offer contact form blasting service.

Very easy to get started. Just sign up, give me your website and I'll provide the traffic.

If you are looking to rank your local business on Google Maps in a specific area, this service is for you.

We are always at . Visit us often and suggest to your friends to follow us too. Send them link, tell them about us and our software.

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