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2024, Feb 12

beVermont Classified AdsIt took a long time and tremendous amount of effort but beVermont has been completed and released to public! Classified ad system for Vermont and nearby area with 27 counties and 584 towns, 169 ad categories and so far all for exactly zero dollars. Yup! You can visit and post your ads and it will cost you nothing.

2022, Oct 17

Get in touch if you'd like! Contact page is working fine, and it's perfect tool to open a communication. If you'd like to send us a message, feedback, advice, question ... we're hear for you. And thanks!

2022, Oct 16

We are closer to final software code. Make it done, and start testing - I'm looking forward to that. At the same time one most important task is to come up with name for the software. I have some ideas but I'm not done. I'll have to think more, ask friends, test it, look around ... and I should be there. Soon :)

2022, Oct 15

I've been complaining about time it takes to finish our next project. I want to get it done fast, but it's tough, every letter of code matters, quality and security is supreme. And sometimes you make a mistake and have to correct it.

The software I work to build has 3 very good levels of security. Last night while trying to finish the first level I came up with an idea to make it even better. So instead of jumping to level 2, I'm still at 1. Benefits are huge, especially for the users. But time is precious too :)

We also appreciate it if you follow us on Twitter. Thanks!

2022, Oct 12

The most important part of our new software is security of text and to get that handled we - instead of encryption - use 3 levels of encryption. If one gets broken, there are two more to get through. To keep users happy, satisfied and trusting our tool, we wanted to make our product more than what's commonly available and so we decided to go 2 steps above standard. If it's used to protect crucial and private documents, texts, letters, contracts, we wanted to make it better than the average. When the software is out to be tested and reviewed, we would like to offer it to everybody with opportunity to try it before they decide to keep it.

2022, Oct 09

One our new software is moving fast forward, although it could be faster. But every new step brings much happiness and also (usually) few new setbacks and errors. Yesterday looked like the first of three steps in text encryption was nothing but almost completed. It was even so great that I did show it to some good friends, even the kids. It looked nice and worked well until about 5 minutes later I found a small glitch.

2022, Sep 29

I was doing some daily routine work part of which sometimes happens to be the review of our web traffic. And folks, I can't believe what I measured on this web site - far from being public yet. Ladies and gents, I am proud to report to you that yesterday our web site welcomed its first of our visitors. We don't know who it was, what was their reason to pop in, most likely obviously a mistake, but we are no more a lonely place!

Crypto Could Be Perfect or It Will Hurt Us

Crypto Could Be Perfect or It Will Hurt Us

If you happen to be that first human from yesterday, thanks for coming back, thank you and welcome! We hope to see you again and most importantly when our software is released.

2022, Sep 19

While this web site is very small and not too sophisticated yet, it's a part of our work. And it will be more and more important for users of out software.

Question? Suggestion? Help? Web site will help!

Trying to put it all together correctly and without mistakes takes some effort too.

2022, Sep 18

Very tough day today. In the morning I played wonderful game of GO, unfotunately I made too many mistakes and my opponent was from Russia. After about an hour I lost, and told him СПАСИБО and hope to get better until we meet the next time.

Vladimir Rencin - News about situation on Czech political scene is simultaneously translated to sign language.

Vladimir Rencin - News about situation on Czech political scene is simultaneously translated to sign language.

2022, Sep 16

Time is short and weather too cold. But we keep on workng! Mostly on this mini web site and some important algorithms for the software.

2022, Sep 13

Our web site is ready. In a very primitive format, but better than nothing. And we are working on our next software item. I wish I could say more but I can't. It is to be a secret until it is very well tested and close to be released.

Please bookmark and keep visiting this web site and recommend it to your friends, we will add new information whenever it's ready. We also use Twitter and Facebook and hope to see you there.

All I can already mention now are two major features we wish to stick to - quality, of course, but quality for most users including kids and older people - and cost or price, which will be unexpectedly low for what it will be able to do.

Folks not used to working with computer will be able to work with our software and find it useful.

Price is going to compete with similar other tools, that are often so expensive that usually keep most people away. People who could really benefit if they use it.

And also, our project will sell after users try it and like it and could use it in their lives or businesses. If they decide it's not for them, they can just delete it and pay nothing.

Prazsky Vyber

Prazsky Vyber

19 Android Settings You May Not Know About. From using less mobile data to live captions for videos, these settings will make your phone run more smoothly. (old news)

Positive anything is better than negative nothing.

May 23, 2024 - Day 144 of this year

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