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Chimp is here! Thanks for your patience, but no more waiting. Chimp Text Editor, smart editor, can be downloaded and run in any Windows computer now. It will help you, it's been built for everyone, it does not need any special skills as you will find out - it will work for you and not the other way around.

Share It Please

If you enjoy Chimp or if you simply know about it, please share it with your friends, coworkers, classmates, relatives, anyone you can think of who has computer. In the USA or in another country.

Chimp is the text editorius by AMByte software in Vermont!Merry Chimpmas!

It is completely free of charge for the first 3 weeks. We worked very hard to make it a great tool and to come up with absolutely lowest possible price. It is a new item and Chimpmas is coming, so you or anyone else who plans to register it please feel free to use this coupon DEC23 at any time this December. Type it into Add promotion code and we hope you will enjoy the result. 33% discount!

Chimp Text Editor introduction

Features & Functions

Register Chimp


Easy first step. Download it to your computer. Double click it and install it. Icon should be placed on your desktop and also in your Start menu. Start using it!


Help is here online, it is also included with your copy of Chimp. Any additional questions? Please ask us. Contact emails are included in your Help menu.

Chimp Help menu


Chimp is free of charge for the first 3 weeks. If you wish to use it after that, please buy your registration - link is on this page. It is very inexpensive, easy and fast. When we receive your purchase, we will generate your unique unlocking code and send it to you via email. You can type it into your Chimp and any limits will disappear, it will be yours forever.

Registration form requires the usual personal info such as name and email address, payment, and also Chimp's ID Code. Each Chimp installation has unique ID Code, you can find it by going to Help > About Chimp and it is right under the software's name. Here is the example.

Chimp ID Code on Help > About form

What is Chimp?

Chimp is the perfect text editor for eveyone. Ocasional typist, frequent scientist, writer, student. Computer guru or complete amateur.

It does what you expect - write, type, open and save. Easy and fast. Extra functions are search and replace. If you need to find a word or replace a word with other. Powerful functions but simple for everyone.

Extra unpredictable function is Quick Email. It's not email client, it is a text editor, but if you are in time pressure and this writing needs to be sent NOW, Chimp can help you. Click Quick Email and it will open your article in email client - just add recipient email address, subject and click Send. No moving, opening, copying, just move text to email with one click.

Sending encrypted text via email can be less reliable. Best solution is to change encrypted text to email attachment and that cannot be done on Chimp yet.

Chimp Edit menu

Need more comfort? Chimp can have the font changed to other and the type size is also changeable. To make sure it looks good for you or when your eyes need a little help.

Finally it also offers more safety and privacy. Yup, Chimp has encryption option! No, encryption options, it has 3 of them. You need more safety and privacy, then you can encrypt your writing. And when you decide to read it again, you can decrypt it. Great security but just a button click away.

Encryption? Sound like too much. Well, it should be standard feature with every typing machine. Why three? Different people need different types of help. Details will be here when Chimp is too.

What? It Can Encrypt?

Chimp will provide "good" encryption (Level A) where user does not need to memorize anything. Very Good encryption (Level B) will use long and random passwords, but user doesn't need to memorize it either. And Secure (Level C) that needs your password you can type in. And remember.

You yourself know the best the reasons when encryption is valuable and when it's unnecessary. It can be personal or business reasons when you wish to be sure your text is only for you and nobody else. Business, finances, health issues, children, contracts, loans, etc. Sometimes you insist your article should be public and for other people. Other times your privacy is worth more than anything.

Chimp does it and more. It offers you security, but it does not force it on you, it applies encryption only when you ask. Easy, medium or secure? It will lets you choose! Or none? It's always there too :)

Chimp after encryption

Chimp will offer plenty of encryption = safety and privacy! It looks scary, but the real text is just a click away.

Chimp before encryption

And this is what it looks like after one click!

So why encryption? Simple. If you use it, you can save it and nobody can read it. Not even you, it's very safe. But don't worry, you can open it in Chimp, click decrypt, and it will open it in original readable format! To some it sounds complicated, but when you see it, it's as easy to use as ... anything easy.

But ... It's A Text Editor

Sure it can do some fancy things, encrypt, email, search, replace, change font or type size ... but it really is very solid and reliable text editor. You need to type something, letter, report, message, contract, use Chimp. You need it to be extra safe and private? Then try to encrypt it ... which takes less than second. And save it, and it's only yours.

Try It! No Charge

It is a text editor, fast and reliable and easy to use. Once it is released, you can simply download it and use it for period of time at no charge. And without any limitations. Use it, try it, test it. When the free time period expires, we hope you would want to keep using the Chimp. To do that you will need to buy the Chimp registration, and after you get it you will in a short time receive code which will make the Chimp to run forever with no time limits.

Buy It - It's Worth It!

Buy text editor registration? Well it is a real full software, it should be worth it. Which is why we decided to first let you use it at no charge to find out if you like it and how it can work for you. When you decide to keep it, we only ask for a very minimum payment for registration. How much? When we know the number, we will print it here for you. But it will be less than $10. Plus we will try to do our best to offer discounts, promotional coupons. We believe Chimp is a good tool and software, helpful assistant, and our #1 intention is to offer it to as many folks as possible. And while other more famous software companies would probably ask for $30 or $50, our intention is to keep it available for everyone, for older folks, children, for people in very poor countries, for everyone.

Yup, It's Easy

To purchase your registration will be easier than you can imagine. The full software - Chimp - has been downl0aded to your computer and installed, it's there and functional. No shopping, no visiting stores or malls yet. Now you need to pay for it, all you need to do is to find Pay button on Chimp web pages, it will take you to page where your payment is processed and that's it! In a day or two your email will receive Chimp Unlocking Code that you can enter to your Chimp and your software has just become forever helping assistant. No limitations, no time yes and time no, no limits to typing or finding words, replacing words, sending emails, encrypting what you need to be private. Chimp is yours any time forever.

One small detail I would like to mention is that software is yours, it works well and you had a chance to try it and test it before you spent a single dollar. Then you got unlocking code, updated Chimp to be yours forever and you did not have to go or drive to any store, any mall, shopping area, anywhere. It would cost you time and money, hour here and hour there, gas pump, parking fee, ...

Chimp searching ...

Chimp is great to find any words, here it found help without any help :)

Free? If We Could ...

Pay for it? We wish we could offer it for free, but that simply is not possible. We will offer the Chimp for the absolutely lowest possible price we can handle and we hope you will like it. Our idea is to make it work for you and for most anyone on this planet. To do that it needs to be truly affordable, and I can guarantee you that it will happen.

May 23, 2024 - Day 144 of this year

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