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AMByte is unique software developer. And also multi layered art, photo, video and author of images. Music & book creator. In Vermont, USA.

Forever Yours and Private
Greetings to Joshua and Donna and everybody else!

Software is in development and so the most code now is very private and secure. Except for the Chimp - it's here ready to be downloaded!

Chimp is very very close!

Chimp is here and ready for you!
Download and enjoy it!

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Will glass coffins be a success? Remains to be seen.

2023, Jun 27

After the house has been empty for a while, what basic food items need to be restocked?

2023, Jun 26

Sane normal people love our planet. They love to live, enjoy their life, work, relax and we could go much longer about that. Due to others we all also live in permanent danger. Nuclear weapons.

2023, Jun 14

There are many reasons that advertising is not good for you and may even work against you.

2023, Jun 11

Tesla Model 3 runs 27 miles using 9,200 Wh or 9.2 kWh - 75 Watt lightbulb would be on for 123 hours for the same energy (5 days).

2023, Jan 30

Version 2 of BSafe development has started. It is based on version 1 with some logical changes. Little bit more safe and easier to manage.

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2023, Jun 11

EVs have become more frequent subjects of conversations and mostly positive. They don't smell as gasoline vehicles, using electricity seems safer and more efficient. And so we have looked at real numbers to have better answers to EV questions.

2023, Jan 29

BSafe Basic (version 1) was completed and moved to full time testing and eventually to conversion to standard Windows based computer. Soon we will have more details about this software and what you can expect when it's available to all.

2022, Nov 14

It's November and in Vermont it means it's getting colder. It's 4 pm and 35 F outside. And a bit chilly inside too. Not sure about weather forecast, but sooner or later we will be covered by snow. Sure, news talks about Trump and his next run for president, election two days ago, but in here it's just cold.

The only question most people have is how long is it going to last? Usually until April or even May, sometimes snow is still there while temperature pretends the spring or even summer. But we'll see what happens, every year is different.

And for other non-American friends, 35 F is about 2 C. Which is chilly no matter how it's measured :)

2022, Oct 30

Working on the Level 2 of security of out new software. It's

the Level 2 of security of out new software. It's going fast, but feels so slow and that's mostly because of being very careful, testing it all twice or three times and making sure it's all mistakes free and 100% reliable. The final toll will deliver solid and strong service for its users and that's why our priority is so serious.

2022, Oct 25

Semi serious but very useful page with Random Password Generator received another nic improvement. It is still random, but you can select the characters your password will start with. So either it's 100% random, choose just the length and what characters to use. Or select password's start characters, they will be respected and the rest will be randomized.

Aquarium makes your house nicer

Aquarium makes your house nicer

Choose 6 letter password and randomly it may create GVHNJO. Select 6 letter password with start AAA, and it may create AAASWV.

It may work for you or it may not. But you do have both options! Choosing selected letters in your password makes it less secure, but even that will be written on the page for you. Second option mentions that - 6 characters with uppercase letters offer you 17,576 random options, some were selected and not randomly. And the firt option says that - 6 characters with uppercase letters offer you 308,915,776 random options.

Great math to calculate the safety :)

Walk in Hawaii

Walk in Hawaii

It happens :) And it's good to find it at this time, not when users use and depend on it. A few more days and I should have it ready to show it to anyone.

Positive anything is better than negative nothing.
It's Monday July 15, 2024 - the day number 197 this year.

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Jul 15, 2024 - Day 197 of this year

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