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2023, Jun 12

Trump Process

I am not Trump fan, I was unable to experience when he was our president due to serious health reasons. And I hear that a lot of people are not his fans, quite the opposite. But the man was our president, the highest office in the country and whether we like him or not, we should at least respect that office. If not, we could turn this into something worse than even Russia.

This action about our former president is what our democracy allows for and if there are reasons to do that, then why not. The law is supposed to be same for all of us. The beginning of this case though seems to be less as a legal story and more as a show for TV. Or it might be last part of some fight in politics with benefit for someone else. Media already made its judgement and it's hard to hear any opinion that helps our former president. I like to put a few thoughts and comments that I collect based on what we see and hear.

Trump stares down criminal jeopardy with bluffs & bluster. We much more hear the government's side and then we feel more sorry for the man. This feels like a phoney orchestrated theater to help someone else, probably a politician.

Trump's former AG Bill Barr lowers the boom in analysis: "If even half of it is true, he is toast". If half of it is true, it's just a bad legal system. If cases are set up with half of it being a lie, we're not safe.

Finally forget about Trump and this entire plot. Independently - do you think the law of any country is fair and humane if it allows 100 year long sentence for the person of 76 years of age no matter what they did?

What happens to accusers if he is released as an innocent man?

What if he receives bad judgement but escapes the country to avoid the jail?

Is it humane to try 76 year old man where it may result in 100 year sentence?

If he gets 100 years, do we assume that he can be released at 176 years of age? Or are we or our law inhumane and it is really a life sentence?

Does this charge and court are based on the very large Trump unpopularity?

Media is extremely one-sided talking about this, it's not very independent.

Is it attack by competitors in business?

Is this truly organized by justice or someone very powerful? Is it attack by Biden?

Is this to prevent him to run again?

USA was supposed to be in an economical crisis this June, possibility of national bankrupcy. Is this Trump process set up to stop paying attention to that?

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