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2023, Sep 13

Avoid Riverview in Jeffersonville, Vermont

Riverview in Jeffersonville, Vermont, is horrible place, avoid it if you can.

Avoid Covid, Avoid Riverview in Vermont

It is a place where I am against my will and that keeps me on the made up basis of my health. I have been asking to be allowed to go home since July of the last year (2022) and only get laughter instead of some valid response. In case they are correct and I'm not and I am ill, there are no doctors or nurses here, food is not edible most of the time, when it's cold we are freezing here, it is dirty, and we have no communication as to why we cannot go home.

One is in here truly like in prison. Food is terrible, most people staying or working here are very difficult to deal with, swearing is part of their standard language but staff language too. The only occassional positive hope is having the internet connection which allows me to use my laptop and do a bit of work, send messages to my relatives or friends or even play GO online. But it works only sometimes & they refuse to provide truly reliable connection.

Technically they have 2 different connections with which they are lyingly boasting about. There is however almost no difference! Only at this place there are two internal "network" ip addresses that are different, but both try to connect to the same outside connection to the internet. Both of them usually do not work, so internet for the most people is down. It may look like it works, but that's only the local connection and nothing out of the building. TV here is also connected to the net, so usually there is no reliable TV. If we spoke Russian it would not surprise me.

If the place was seriously helping people who would be here because it's their choice, and we would have doctors and nurses available, I understand, having an internet connection in that case would not be that important. But we have nothing else to do to fill up this prisoner-like time and I assume that's because they want to collect more thousands of dollars for keeping us here. Even though I want to be at home.

When I had a short talk with the man who is (probably) the owner of this place and I suggested that it would be great for him and for this place if he left and stopped playing his game against us. He suggested back at me that he will go if I pay him 4 million dollars. It could be a bad joke, but the chance is he was serious. He also moved to the middle of the room and slightly stretched his arms as if he were threatening me with possible physical attack. This must have not been the first time he has done it, that's all he has to keep people in control, there are no benefits or intelligence from him, just violence and swearing words.


Although many of us are luckily very healthy, we are here technically for health reasons. Probably easier for the owner to explain why we are here and cannot be released and mony needs to be collected. So it should be pleasant quiet environment with good people and simple good food. Today just as on any another day staff people talk so loud that we get headaches and the word "talk" is insufficient, we almost worry that their loud noise will almost destroy the building.

I was thirsty and so I asked for some water. I got clear Riverview answer - "You don't need no fu**ing water!". That's a normal expression of people who "work" here. Swearing? It's not for them.

Staff lady asks - "Ge, have you farted?" And he answers "Are you an idiot?" She closes the debate saying "Sometimes I am ...". Welcome to Riverview. It would make a decent movie. But the owner would not make it all the way to the end.

Toilet never works well. It doesn't flush well, it's dirty or it's preoccupied by some people. Today it does not flush. Tomorrow? Who knows.

Unhealthy food and it's not very tasty either - some people here have health issues but are still served drinks with artificial sugar, ketchup with fructose and other chemicals. Same with the food, lots of fat, unhealthy meat, also all is very cold, vegetables are worn out when we are lucky to have vegetables, and so on. Most food is not cooked here, it is bought frozen or cold at the store and often server cold too.

Very sad issue is that having a person to talk to is very much missing. Most are very uneducated and not smart folks, their interests are not interesting, some are almost violent or perhaps similar to kids below 3 years of age.

We Were Sold or Bought

Difficult issue to get over is the fact that some people who stay here have been placed here by their parents and not because of their health but because their parents simple could no longer deal with them. Some of these people here are adults, 30 or more years of age, and still were "sold" to be here.

This is not very American, in fact it is difficult to believe that in the country known for and very often fighting for freedom including very personal one that this here at Riverview is even possible. Sadly yes, it is, I am not making this up.

Sure some people do not know how to behave, how to talk like good folks, how to get themselves busy with some purpose. It happens everywhere in all countries. But even when this happens to anyone and parents are still around, it's mandatory to take care of your kids, there is almost no excuse.

Even when the kid is 32 years old, someone who is called parent should do something for their benefit and not find the place and pay it off to accept their son. You do that and that place is worse than bad. And you are no real parent. Even if you happen to be 80 and in not good shape, this is still your kid, so do your job. Sell the kid is not humane. If this place allows you to get rid of your kid and helps you put together some written note why you do it and that this is to save your kid's life, it speaks badly of you, of this place and also about this society that allows this to happen.


Staff is nice when you meet them on the first day, at least you think that the place will take care of you and others. Even if you should not be here. This lasts just a few minutes though.

Staff does not work hard, they do not work for your benefit, they only are here to be able to collect their money mostly paid by insurance (probably a fraud) or savings (people don't want you at home).

They do not cook well, nothing is kept clean or in order, none of them are official doctors or nurses, the level of their skills and education is very low. They swear a lot, swear words are part of their standard language, often they shock you when they say "I will get the f***ing bagels" instead of just "bagels".

I am not sure why they were hired, I assume they earn a lot less than others elsewhere. They complain a lot and that may be something where we can believe them.


It's Tuesday almost noon. I was up early and since the bathroom was full with St for about an hour, I had to wait. Breakfast was not ready so I had to wait too. Then I got back to my room and started to work on one software project and found some massive errors to fix first. I wanted to make a change, this was not a happy day so far. So I did, logged in to the GO server and started playing the game vs solid Japanese player 2 ranks higher. We made it through about 30 moves and then we lost the internet. What a day ...

Why would it be so important to have its own headline? Objectively it is not. But this place is so inhumane and unfair that internet connection deserves its own section. And why? We have terrible food barely able to have us survive. We have sub-medium staff that is hard to believe, hard to talk to and difficult to discuss some more important issues. Such as health. We have owner of this building who is below mediocre in everything, absolutely everything plus he is extremely offensive even when he keeps his mouth closed. I know it's hard to believe. We have nowhere to go, no walks, no visits anywhere, there are no doctors, no nurses, TV is on, but nothing to watch, there is no work to go to, no families, children. This is a reservation most people find hard to believe this actually exists in today's USA. After that and everything else added, you would have only one possibility to escape this place and get something decent done - and that can be helped by Internet connection.

My last company that I ran for many about 20 or more years was developing web sites. It disappeared when I had my accident and was placed to a few hospitals. I took my skills I learned over the years in business and also in schools prior to that and I started software company and developing software projects that work well and try to help users find solution to their issues. To work software today it is very good to be online, to have access to much information that can be found when one has an access to the Internet. I am connected as much as I can, every day and mostly with no turning it off. But it rarely works due to the staff and especially owner of this outfit, who does not give it much of a chance. We have great computers and decent inside connection to local network, but this network when it works is usually disconnected from outside of the building = internet.

And so most of the time we can write letters to our families, and save them. We can develop software and save it. Without much of any testing, if it's online. We don't know what is temperature outside, this place has no thermometer and to check temp online = one needs to be online. It's difficult to post anything online, such as this column and web site, you have to be connected. Email was mentioned, think about also search engines, messages, online to-do lists that do not have local computer backup (Google Keep is guilty). When kids are travelling and sending you pictures from "over there" you may see nothing, your messages did not arrive.

Much of that is not too important, your life does not depend on it. Work that I have established and that I am developing, software work, is important. Someday I will depend on it, I will eat food that I bought because some software project became popular, etc etc etc ... so this connection is crucial to our survival. If we can someday survive also depends on today's intenet connection. Sure we could some day switch our interests and start collecting garbage, sweep up sidewalks, cut the neighbors grass ... or develop business competitive to this harsh dump, but most likely we know what we want to do and where are our important skills.

Although we are all a bit different - our very little IQ Ge has lost his laptop already, because our unskilled staff did something not very effective. Ge did not do any work or did not learn something useful for his life. He mostly used his laptop to watch some entertainment and as we heard from his room, very loose entertainment also called porn. This was day after day, hours his eyes were stuck to his laptop. Everybody knew for years and I'm not sure why, but one day some staff person came in, gave Ge some yelling and walked away with his porn laptop. Good or bad? It just happens that some day people who work here follow some rules.

That's why Internet is a separate and important issue. Not a toy but serious skill.

Today it's July 11, 2023 and internet as usual is not doing much. No emails, no uploads or downloads, no software testing which needs to be done online. And it did not get better throughout the entire day ... until I pulled out my phone and got surprised that it worked with internet. Not well, very slow, but sort of worked. It could be that the "goober" from upstairs is specifically blocking my laptop from the net. It can be done easily, they have access to their router and switch. Possible? Not 100%, but definitely. Can I do something? Unlikely. Too many pieces in this laptop would need to have their ip addresses changed and possible more than just that. And even if I go ahead and do it, it will take the "goobers" few seconds and ban me again. This is not a nice place, this may be one of their illegal activities. Perhaps they were lazy to figure out the ip address of my laptop from their router or switch, perhaps they waited till I fell asleep and got it straight from my computer.

I talked to one staff member though and he told me his computer is out of internet too and he hopes to get it back. So it may not be block only on my laptop, but perhaps on ip addresses with some keyword data instead of just one ip address. So far there is no block on my phone, so at least we know that internet works, but some incoming addresses are probably blocked. If it is what I and others suspect, I hope the offender will some day soon end up in jail. He or they deserve it.

Internet and Staff

More frequently we avoid complaining and more frequently it saves us solid waste of time. The owners of this outfit do not care, unless whatever they arrange makes them money. Yes, it's simple, but this is the truth. Since 12 months ago I managed to play a few over 1,000 GO games over the internet from here - half won, half lost. Knowing how bad is our internet connection this sounds like a miracle. On the other hand I have lost connection during games so many times, that about quarter of my losses where considered by system as resignations. But I don't resign, even when my opponent is very good. I try to make it as far as I can, till the end. Usually it is another way to get rewarded - when one gets lucky and plays a game against possibly someone very serious or even professional GO player, it already feels like a prize even as you may be losing the game. Then you have 2 or 3 moves to finish and tell the opponent honest "thank you" when your internet connection goes out. It's not as anywhere else, it's a stamp of low or missing quality of everything here. It's bad for us and it's also bad from our opponents, who have no idea why we suddenly disappeared.

Sure somewhere else internet goes out, it happens. Here it goes out all the time, many times every day. And it lasts for hours or till the next day. And it's not only to play GO, we could live without it. It's not only TV or phone connection or radio or heating or safety system ... al of which is connected to internet. But it is the fact that this place pretends to care for very sick or disabled people and pretend means pretend. It means they do actually nothing in that care. Often people here get in health trouble, they have no doctor or nurse, they start bleeding, fall to the ground, and staff here pretends to take care of such person ... and they call 911, that's all they can do. It almost makes you cry, but that's what happens when you live in building managed by demented people, almost like folks who used to run concentration camps. One day it will happen, and someone will go down even more, someone can lose his or her health and die. I am almost sure that these "criminals" who run this place will try to get the best possible funeral for that lost person just so they look ok, people who care and who sadly lost one of their person. Of course nobody will suggest that poor person has left us because of being at this place. The place that cares for nothing but the incoming money.

And this is why our internet connection is less than lousy, it is not functional just as normal connections are. I write this and post it many hours later, when we get our connection back. How many years has this place been in business and how many people have lost their lives because of this uncare they receive here? I don't know, but I guess 10 or 20 or 30 years. How much time does it take to connect the house at this location to comfortable internet? One, two, three days? Maybe a week when your provider is lazy. But it can be done with decent quality, fairly fast, and cheap. My business was building web sites 7 days a week since about 90-ies and problems happened with connection, but nothing that could not be fixed till the next day. Shocking is that this place has no internet cable coming in or out. What they have is some wireless connection, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. It's slow, it's not reliable, and owner or whoever run this place don't care. They like to syphone a massive chunk of thousands of dollars from people who are close to leaving us forever, but they can't find some fifty bucks to provide robust internet connection. For the internet, phone, security, TV, radio ... for the year 2023 in this USA. These lazy individuals enjoy receiving money just like hard working people in this country can, but they don't like spending them for this outfit. Sure, this is just a cable, and cheap cable, but we could talk about soiled bathtub, kitchen with water that is risky to drink, food you would not eat or even look at, staff people who always inside wear hiking boots, swear like bad soldiers ...

Basically we have no internet connection. Too tired to talk about other mistakes of this dump.


Ge talks all the time, making noise, bothering others and all of that without any IQ. All the time means all the time, whether someone listens or not or even whether someone is in the room with him. He just talks. It actually is fairly depressing for all of us and also for him. Some of us listen, they are trying to be nice, some of us try to switch his noise off and they have to go to another room. The only good solution would be some staff member who would take Ge aside and told him honestly that what he's doing is hurting others and it's also hurting hime. He needs to realize that stupid talking gives him nothig, only lower IQ and no friends, only enemies. Someone needs to take him aside and give him some very beneficial talk, beneficial for us and him, so 100% positive. If after many many looong minutes you ask him to please keep the place quiet, his typical semi-political reply with louder voice is "hey, I am allowed to speak!" Hard to be any more stupid.

Locked kitchen cabinet ... you don't want people to eat.

Locked kitchen cabinet ... you don't want people to eat.

Owner (maybe) and chief scamming artist Charles says he would leave this place, but needs from me 4 million dollars. And positions himself in the middle of the room as he is ready to fight. Legs slightly apart and arms as well as if he had some muscles there.

"Sara, can I talk to my granddad?"
(granddad and father and mom who sold him to be here)
"Sure you can, Ge!" (because I get paid to say "yes")
"Oh you are so nice Sara, I love you sooo much."
(he does not know yet what the word "LOVE" means but uses it)

Every morning when I attempt to go and eat what they call "breakfast" I wake up and go to the bathroom at first like most normal people do. In 29 days out of 30 disabled some 40 or 50 years old St is there sitting on the toilet and does nothing. He does not know what he should be doing there. It must be tough for him, he is very disabled, cannot talk much and doesn't understand us when we speak. Staff and owners don't try to talk to him, they are happy he is here because that makes them solid amount of money. Somewhere beyond 40 years of age, has one kid somewhere and here he gets no help. On paper he does, but in fact he doesn't. For the staff to leave him in the bathroom for an hour or so is a nasty torture, but that's what they do. They just let him be there and don't have to handle him. And money is still coming in. Nazis where not much worse. He can't talk so he can't complain. And torture? They say nice polished stories about taking care of him, but of course he cannot say those are just lies.

Sad and unwise place. Full of cuckoos, wacky, untaught, loony, nutty, kooky and screwball characters.

Locked kitchen cabinets to prevent people from eating.

Locked kitchen cabinets to prevent people from eating.


AC is always on and taped to protect it from turning it off

AC is always on and taped to protect it from being turned off ...

If you want to unplug it, good luck

If you want to unplug it, good luck.

Update - July 15, 2023

Today St is in the bathroom after 10 am. That must have been hours, I managed to get in at 10:30 ...

Ge has very low IQ and so he makes himself feel better by swearing or using dirty words. It doesn't make him feel better though, it only takes a minute before someone reminds him that he is an idiot.

Staff and especially ladies swear a lot. Why? Probably to make themselves feel better too, low IQ in their position must make them feel lousy. Word selection is very poor too, so the sentence will often repeat swear words many times such as:

"I have f***ing brought that f***ing lunch so that f***ing Ge can start f***ing eating. "

That is an average standard sentence!

Special case is staff person Br, who never changes his shoes and wears hiking style and makes an incredible noise just by walking. He may also be under the weather having massive cough now for weeks since morning till evening and that must be tough for all of us as he is mostly in the kitchen near the food.


“I need your help, George has fallen out of his chair!” After that same staff person yelled at him like people yell at animals.

Same person likes to torture Steve every morning by moving him to the bathroom, puts him onto the toilet and let's him forcefully sit there mostly for around 45 minutes. Then he checks him, cleans his behind (who knows how well) and lets him leave the bathroom. He himself then goes to kitchen to do the breakfast but never washes his hands.

Very disabled Steve is really a poor person here. He has to survive torturing like in the bathroom and at all other places. He also has polish last name but our local inhumans staff likes to call him Suzuki. Not even close to his Polish name, this is a Japanese motorcycle, but interestingly enough they never call him that when someone visits. And when Steve's parents show up they here what a wonderful day Steve had, thank goodness we have such wonderful people as Steve here. Average lying.


August is a beautiful month, but not here. We are supposed to go to bed around 8 pm or so, but sometimes I work a bit later and so go later to be. Bathroom where is also our shower was closed today in the evening, our staff member - chief messy lady here - was there. I don't know her in detail so I am not sure what was she doing there. But as she was leaving around 10 pm, I asked her if everything is ok cuz I want to take shower. She replied she doesn't want me to do that, if I can take it in the morning. Not ok, so I asked why, what is the problem? She could not give me any reasonable answer except she pointed at the clock and mentioned that it's pretty late already. To take a shower??? She is not normal person, she treats people as animals, that may be why she stopped me to take a shower (which I was actually requested to take every evening as I was moved in), she leaves mess wherever she goes - for example that bathroom now is like a dirty garage with her or other people's clothes at the sink, on the floor ... worse than concentration camp. If I had someone to complain to about her, I would. If you read it and this place is under your commend, this was an official complaint.

I mentioned issues with food. It does not taste great and we generally eat it only so we don't die from hunger. But some food or parts of it may help us out even more. For example butter - it's supposed to be in the fridge and remain healthy a bit, but most staff currently likes to keep it outside and almost in melting state. It can't be good for us, and it works great for the bunch of flies. It's just a butter, at least meat is in the fridge. So is bread by the way, which should be outside so it's not freezing.

Update - September 13, 2023

Hi дорогие друзья. It's been extra bad and stupid time here for the past few days. We have upstairs and downstairs floors, and everybody upstairs apparently has Covid. Now and for a few days. Probably just a matter of time before we get it too.

They tested me 2 days ago, so far they didn't tell me any results, who knows, maybe they lost it ... but they wanted to test me again today and so I asked to give me the result please from 2 days ago. Instead of saying something about test or Covid or get us a doctor, that staff woman who wanted to test me again said to others that he refuses the test ... idiots are now also liers, I refused nothing.

In any case, if you have a trip this way, please do not stop by just to be safer. I knew this was going to happen, here it is and they do not care. If I were the owner or someone like that, I would call a doctor or hire one, but all I hear is that they all are ok, they are lying in their beds.

Perhaps doctor is a bad idea, lawyer might be better.

I again asked to go home, they suggested the usual "ask your son", so I am asking my son again (about 200 times) since this place is run by complete idiots. If they ask me to eat a dinner, I'll probably tell them to ask my son. I don't have to worry about missing our garbage food, we just had onion soup for the lunch, hopefully from the can, can is safer then what they cook themselves :(

Stay safe and stay at home. I will try to get me home too if I get lucky even if I have to speak Russian.

Хорошего дня!

Update - September 14, 2023

Some staff members now have Covid, it did not take long. Poor people, they should have stayed at home but they were forced to be here. Some of them are in the kitchen and spreading the disease. Bathroom is shared, not good, worse than North Korea. Plus these are staff people pretending to be nurses, but they are just underpaid workers. They also have children and families, so it will keep spreading.

Very irresponsible place. They could send us home, most of us. They could have doctors and nurses employed, but they could not keep as much money as they do now. This is a lesson one could learn in Russia, we learn it here in Vermont and we will until our health lasts.

Update - September 16, 2023

This morning one about 400 lb staff member, no doctor or nurse (we don't have those), was very loud at other staff members to describe how badly she feels and how low is this place. About her health and about everything else. Maybe she has Covid, but who knows. Perhaps she took a test, but she did not say so, and if she did, would she know how to? And she was very upset that Carl or Karl and Chuck or Chrles - our criminal owners - were forcing her to stay in her room, cuz it's safer. Getting a doctor and sending us home would be safer, but that would lose them money, that's why people either call them criminals or are afraid to do so, and so just lower their voices.

It's 2023, United States, but we live like they did during slavery. We have no rights, we can't speak, in fact when I did, I was told to go to my room (it's not my room) and be ready to cook my own meals. Well, we have not had any meals for weeks, we have whatever is left in fridge or in some cans. On paper plates that usually have our names on them, probably so they know what food to spit on.

A staff member has an interesting feature. He always laughs when he says something and especially when his talk is not funny. It never is, huh huh huh ... He also happens to be wearing his hiking boots, you wouldn't want to do that at home, you will wear the floor off. I asked and he said he can't afford better inside shoes for what they pay him and if that's true, I'm sorry. He should not be working here.

Update - September 18, 2023

This concentration camp has two floors with what they call "patients". Everybody upstairs has Covid, downstairs not all. But my test today came back positive. I will have to somehow take care of it, we don't have any doctor or nurse that would give us some advice, so all is bad. The only positive part of this bad illness is that the owners will hopefully end up in jail sometime soon. If they would listen to us and let us go home a year or so ago or at any time when we asked this would not have happened.

Good luck to all of us, stay healthy, and stay out of this sick dump.

December 14, 2023

It has been a while since I could add something worthwhile. Reason is simple - life at this location is much more difficult and time and thoughts about this article ar short.

Riverview got noticeably more dirty. It has been rough before, not it is just very obvious even if one happens to be new person. Bath tube is always "used" by whoever was there, sometimes one notices some "fecal" material. Next to it is toilet bowl, which few times a week shows some fecal matter too and on the outside. The trouble may be from their torture of certain people. One - Steve - is often forced to sit on the toilet for almost an hour so they don't need to take care of him. He is a disabled person, may not understand the point of toilet bowl and occassionally he moves down to the floor and does on the floor what he should have done into the bowl.

Dirty toilet

Steve is truly a poor guy. He was "moved" to this place by his parents who probably could not deal with him or did not want to. They paid up what these horrible individuals asked for and got rid of Steve. Now they are older folks so that would be understandable, but they made the move 25 years ago. Steve probably does not remember or know about normal life. They also have a Hungarian style last name or perhaps hungarian, but staff here makes fun of him and call him Suzuki. Which is Japanese and does not even sound similar ...

Talking about negative issues at Fairview brings us to mention the food. This place is not voluntary and it's expensive so at least we should be able to eat good and healthy food. We get the opposite. Taste is really bad and healthy is the opposite of what we get. Example - one staff person had Covid, but they wanted him to work, so he was preparing food in that situation. And sneezing and coughing. At some point 75% of all of us had Covid and it was not fun. Another healthy example is that our breakfast in order to be warm is usually placed to microwave. Tastes awful and is it healthy?

When you get to know people who own this place and their negative qualities, you will start noticing other issues and usually in negative circumstances. Ceiling in the main room has videa camera which appears to be connected to somewhere else. Either it is spying on us, or the owners have some needs to watch others, perhaps ladies. In basic democratic society this device should not be around, except maybe in jails or government agencies which require safety. Here? Definitely no. I know of one, there are probably more cameras here.

One of the owners asked me last week to listen to what he wants to say. OK. It was in the main room and when he talked he lifted his voice and did not look at me but straight at the video camera. This was not a basic talk, it was theater and he must have had some reason.

He started asking me, how is the police. Police? I have no conteact with police although it would be good to talk to them. I might have mentioned to someone else via email, that it would be good to talk to them - and that suggests that they are reading my email, messages, perhaps even a telephone calls. Good way to start conversation if you want to immediately become enemy.

But that was not all. He changed his face into forced smile, very forced, and started to mention that he wants to warn me that if I ever create something negative here, I am done and they will ship me to emergency room in hospital. If they do that, they would ave to beat me up or force some bad pills into me. Which is possible, perhaps they already have experience.

That other negative thing I should not do was according to him something like I have already done, which was threatening to shoot him through his face. I am not violent, I don't even have a gun and I don't threaten people. He was lying, but why. Does he want to set me up as a violent aggressive person who they should get rid of? I am not sure, but anything is possible. I don't have a proof of what he said, I don't have any recording or witnesses, but this is the kind of event that would be worth to investigate for some real police people or lawyers. I never threatened anybody anywhere about shooting and killing them. It is very huge and not very humane lie.

His talk kept going longer, but nothing else was worth remembering after he said I threatened to kill him while smiling into his camera.

A couple of weeks ago I was told to see a doctor for annual check up. It was news to me, I did not know I have annual checkups, but ok. I was taken there by staff worker Elizabeth, who I don't know very much. She drove us dangerously, it did not feel safe, very bad driver. We got there soone invited in. Talk to nurse, then doctor. Doctor asked me many questions, but before I managed to answer, Elizabeth did instead. Yes she was with me inside.

Doctor asked about the pills I take, I quickly answer there are 8 per day, 5 after breakfast and 3 after dinner. Easy to remember, simple number, plus I hate these pills, they don't make me feel very good. But I see 5 and then later I see 3. But Elizabeth jumped in and started to list some more pills and she got to 12 or 13 in total. And when doctor asked aboutCovid vaccine, Elizabeth said of course he had it, and flu vaccine and again she said he did. I did not have either, I don't even remember thay tried to vaccinate against Covid, I would remember since I had Covid and that's tough to forget. Flu vaccine I recall, they asked me, I refused it, the end.

Why was Elizabeth lying so much I don't know. She talked very much as if she had names of pills memorized, she probably prepared herself. Maybe she was instructed to do that, it could be money reason, is it possible if I take more pills they collect more? Not sure, but possible. Going back from doctor was same - dangerous driving and not much talk in the car. Difficult to talk with person who is the opposite of straightforward.

Yesterday in the afternoon I was working at my computer and started to get seriously cold. Outside temp was freezing, about 20, but it should not be a trouble, they have heating. So I went to look at the thermostat, it was still there but now covered by plastic cover with lock and temperature was just 74. 74 would be good, but only when it's turned on, when it's not 74 usually shows about 62 to 64 when one presses the button to see the real temperature. So that's why we were freezing, some idiot put the cover on it so we cannot be warm. Charles noticed me looking at it, I gave him my complaint, he goes that it's ok, it's 74, I explained that it's not correct, one has to look at it after pressing the button, but he did not listen. But promised he will turn it up to 75. When? After you leave this place and go to your room. Probably did not want me to see the code on the lock, so I walked away. In a few minutes my heating started to warm up a little, thermostat showed 76 (!), but in about 20 minutes it was all down, heating turned off - probably.

Thermostat covered

When they boast and brag how much they care of us, there is nothing to believe in. Now they even freeze us. If I stop typing these pages, I suggest you call you know who. It is time we talke to police, this is not just some misunderstanding, but torture in order to make money. And we are not in Russia or Germany in 1940. If someone knows how, help us.

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