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2023, Jul 4

Is TV Okay?

Is TV ok? It gets better and more to the point when there is a war or violence somewhere, it helps to make them money when people die.

Election - our election will happen in November 2024 but the TV is full of it already and it tries to put many people against each other. Create aggressive behavior and possibly violence. Plus is it worth it on purpose? Are we going to remember who said what 17 months later? Of course not, but TV does not worry about elections but rather the money they make.

It's very interesting to note the quality of music on TV today during movie broadcasts. It's not too bad but rather than depending on skill and talent it uses computers and modern devices more. It's faster and cheaper and the sound is better too. Humans? No, synthesizers. Listen to movie music from sixties or seventies! Full orchestras with many very skilled musicians, and compositions that could make it to opera theater.

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