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2022, Oct 10

Ukraine and Peace

So a boring day with nothing too exciting, 3 GO games with 1 win and almost no work, which is left for tomorrow - and I got some decent ideas about how to solve the biggest error I have to solve first ... before I move on - but now it's time to sleep, and I wish you to have a good peaceful night with sweet dreams - but as I was playing the last GO game and listened to news on the radio or computer and listened to lady from Ukraine about how worried she was about her 3 kids, but she hopes they will never give up to Russia, I came up with a good solution.

Cycling can be great!

Cycling can be great!

Russians fight like they enjoy killing, there is nothing else to gain, it's horrific war where the only plus for some soldiers is killing the others, there are missiles in the air and who knows, they may use nukes some day, and Putin doesn't care. The job is for the life after all, not for 4 years and only twice like here, and we block them Russians now, we don't talk to them, and pretty soon you won't see Russians anywhere at sports, business, etc - but my solution to this is not to send over some military or special commandos to clean out Moscow or anything like that, I think what Biden could do is break all the rules we held till now.

And he could set up meeting with Putin, somewhere where they both feel safe, like Switzerland, meet and talk, let the other guy talk, don't force Putin this or that and don't be too nice either. One objective being that when we hop on the plane to go home, there will be no war in Ukraine, no more dead people, no more shooting, weapons, missiles and all of that - it sounds like Putin will not go for that, but he could, now he would be the guy who talked to Americans, who saved Ukrainian lives, who is for peace and who wants to move poor Russia into the becoming the great free country (he won't say that, but others will).

Fish keep it clean

Fish keep it clean

And Joe would come home and modestly honestly say that, "hey guys, I really tried, it looks like Vlad is a good guy in a bit of a trouble there, but he would rather continue without killing more people, ehm, with nicer path forward, and we thought we would not even chit chat with him, but me and my gov wanted to give it a one last shot and so I think if everything works out, there should be a complete peace in that part of the world".

Anyhow, there is a lot of dreaming there, but if I had a friend who knows Joe, I would suggest to give him this advice, and ask him to not quote me, we will call it Joe Biden's idea, ok - and so we would have a peace! Right now it's business, UKR needs our weapons, and we like the money, so let's try to switch the gears, we are giant, productive, smart and very strong country, and such country would be best treated if it made a lot of victories just by talking and not fighting.

Sorry, I could go longer, but it's already too many words that sound like I've been drinking and I wasn't. Good night and sweet dreams !!!

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