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2023, Sep 19

Avoid Covid, Avoid Riverview in Vermont

Riverview in Jeffersonville, Vermont, is sad place for these days and this wonderful country.

Avoid Riverview in Jeffersonville, Vermont

Slightly more than 4 years ago I was in very bad accident. I was crushed by car on my bicycle. I became less of a healthy human being immediately but some true heroes picked me up, ambulance, hospital. I was out almost completely, no vision, no speech, nothing. After the first hospital came others, surgeries, serious stuff, chopper, ambulances. Life savers. I remember nothing as I was this entire time in comma.

I semi-woke up some time 2 years ago or so and was transferred to the Reiverview place in Jeffersonville, Vermont. I woke up but was not myself. Yet. I remember nothing until from about spring of the last year.

I woke up on one day and all was different. I saw that I was in bed, I saw some people and I saw my son standing there so I could say soomething like "hi". Of course I did not know it was 2022 and that we haven't seen each other in about 3 years, but it happens.

At first I thought it's just another week and asked a few basic questions, such as where I am and what's going on? He started to say a few basic and carefully scripted doctorship words, he is a doctor after all, but when he told me such massive nonsense, I almost couldn't listen and asked him to stop lying. After all who takes a comma nap for a few months or years? Probably made up story.

I have been placed to Riverview, the place that should take care of folks who arrive from hospitals and are not yet ready to go home. That's an official version, the truth is very dramatic and I have not yet been able to put it all together to explain it. It is a private place that holds about 12 people who used to be patients. Some are here and don't know how they got in, others are here because doctors sent them, some arrived because their families basically paid this place off so they can get rid of them.

The place and its owners do not care, only about money. So they try to get in people who are not too sick but who have a chance to stay as long as possible. As long as the person stays here, the money keeps coming. If they are sick or have special needs, one would need doctors or nurses and we they have none of that. Some women here claim to be nurses, it's possible, but then the question is why are they here? Nurses make decent income in legal businesses such as hospitals, so why would they spend some of thei time in this almost concentration camp?

The no-care here comes down to some extreme details. They had a suspicion that some of us may have contracted COVID. So being careful or someone must have ordered them they tested all of about a week ago. They never told me my result, probaly lost it or it ended up in garbage. This is how they truly care. And this is not funny, we are talking about COVID. Two days ago one staff member came to my room and explained that she would like to test me again, but she did not know about my past test or whatnot. And she got lucky, because rather than screaming her out I took the tester, put it to my nose, both holes, pull it out and asked how much time will this take? Of course I read the article about it before and knew up to 48 hours - well she was back in 2 minutes, mention she has a crappy news, it is positive. Which truly stinks. I had a bad day, pain everywhere, nose sneezing, anything else you can think of I had it. No, I still have it. The care now is none, no doctors, nurses, suggestions, pills. But today they started to close the doors.

This is a business, not sure if legal or illegal. People who work here work here because they have some reason they have to be here, and when they do something it usually comes with some documentary words about how people here are stupid and how little money they pay them. I don't know how much they get paid, but they don't deserve much - food is tough to eat, bread is stored in the refrigerator, if you are thirsty and you need to drink, pipe over the sink is your source, water tastes like it may not be healthy.

I don't know much about people who own this play. They may be here sometimes, but mostly hide so they don't have to have conversation with any one of us. I have talked to one person who calls himself Chuck, not sure this is his name. Several short times when he always change his body position being ready for fight, spreading his arms, simple like a 5 years old kid. Although he looks more like 95 and not 5, biut that happens too.

Every talk we had was brutally offensive to me. One of the first weeks when I was up I asked to go home, of course, and he promised me it won't be that easy, and I have to wait till about next week. I did not know why, but I figure I can deal with one week. That was last time I heard something positive on that subject and it was about in July 2022, now we have September 2023.

One day I tried to ask him again (well, many times) on that subject, he would start his usual that he does not know anything especially when they can let me go home, I suggested if you know almost nothing it might be better for you to just stay at home and not even come here. And he came right back at me sying that he will happily do that, but I have to pay him $4 million dollars. That's $4,000,000.

Seriously, I'm sure he would take less but I don't think we would get to the money part. But even using the word "million" at this place - small house residence, dirty wherever you look at, broken toilets, filthy bathroom, food risky even for monkeys, owned by people who remind you criminals right away. With poor people being here mostly against their will.

September 19, 2023

I still have one apparently boring priority and that is to be home. For other folks especially future ones here I would also like to close this place and have its owners investigated and hopefully send to some long term jail punishment. I am not a lawyer or cop, but it would feel ok to me.

Small story from today which repeats itself almost every day.

Idiocy or what do I know happened today.

This large staff woman walked by my room, said "knock knock", walked in and loudly expressed herself with :

"We will now close your door, is this ok?"

I said, "it's not, some fresh air is. "

She answered (even though I did not ask any question):

"Well we have to, it's an order and rule because of Covid. "

She probably invented Covid, because I have been officially positive for 3 days or more, but door is being closed only now. I skipped the usual "so what the heck you ask me for?" and went directly with:

"Well I would rather be home even though I am sick now".

She said something like :

"So where would you like to go?"

I said, "what do you mean?" and skipped "you stupid nothing".

She said, "well I'm not sure where you can go", and "who would take care of you?"

I repeated :

"Home is where I live, it's much better than this place" and stopped there.

If I had somewhere to complain I would. Not to that lady, but to this place. It's not humane. And her? Either she is not informed about people's basic rights, or someone forgot to tell me that this is a jail and I should plan to be here till my last day. The first option is more likely, people here are very low IQ no matter the topic, they claim to know everything but know nothing. If it's the second option and I can't run away by myself, we should probably get some help from cops or lawyers. If there was an option to run I don't want to do something like becoming a refugee again, this country is my home.

I don't want to be here at all, even COVID at home seems better than here. I don't think I could walk that far now, but they would still catch me within 50 yards from this conc. camp. Like they did about a year ago, and that was just a walk.

It reminds me Terezin camp that I visited a few times. Look is different, but it's possible that people here behave about the same as there.

This happens almost every day. I guess they repeat it because bosses tell them to say it. These are the "rules" and this place should be closed down. And owners punished if only so that nobody else tries to do this here or at other place.

September 20, 2023

Besides having no IQ, people here also obviously don't know anything about Covid, it's too new and most folks know nothing unless they want to turn it into money. Plus they are no doctors or nurses. I have had it since Monday officially but perhaps for a few more days.

They let me spread it till Wednesday, when they decided the door to my room has to be shut. No problem that everybody else has had Covid for longer than me (almost) and had it before and their doors were always open.

Today is another day so another rule. They woke me up, brought me some breakfast that was hard to eat with some chilly water that I carried back to kitchen and asked for some hot tea. And another lady showed up in the kitchen and told me, "but oh well Robert, you have to wear the mask?!" I won't unless they force me to. I still have to breath.

Tomorrow is another day so we will have another rules for sure. Perhaps they decide to clean the house, unlikely, but anything is possible here. Or burn it down which could truly help especially if owners stay inside, we would likely celebrate it!

Seriously though, this is dangerous for us, but also for the staff members. Sooner or later some of them will get it too. Some of them also mentioned that they had it before, few months ago, but we never knew and they were showing up here anyways. A little criminal? I talked with a few and they stressed out that they should not worry about because when they test positive, they are allowed to stay at home. And the few days before they got tested?

Plus it's more dangerou because of so many lies about it. By doctors, pharmas, ... insane. Does the vaccine work? Booster? Yeah, the booster must be safe because they brag they tested it already on 10! 10 mice though.

One person here is very disabled, almost doesn't talk, walks very slowly, they claim they accepted him as medical term "idiot" but mostly because his parents paid a nice sum for him to be here. I told the staff that he speaks, just try nicely, and he can do some "smarter" things like eat or drink, but they feed him through pipe in the middle of the kitchen. And when they are sick of him, which is every day, they force him to sit on the toilet and leave him there for almost an hour or until they remember where is Steve. He is sitting there now, so I always try to walk by and make some noise and then they get him faster.

Not sure how old he is, probably over 40. And yesterday they swiped his nose and he also caught the Covid. Nobody comes close to him, so he probably got it from dirty places, table, shiny chair or who knows what. Cough, sneezing, spitting. He touches everything and likes to lick his fingers (sorry).

When he caught it yesterday (officially), despite that he officially cannot speak based on what these no IQ people say, he started to talk mildly and also cry. This is against their official story, but this poor guy also has feelings. He did not make much sense, but he was very clearly in pain and probably understood that they told him that "hey buddy you got Covid, but you'll be ok, no worries". I walked by, saw it, this was very bad movie. Another very sure sign this place should not exist and owners should pay for it by spending time in jail. At least as many years as we have spent here all together.

So now even relatively highly protected disabled person got it and clearly is in debilitating pain. He is not highly protected, sometimes they say it, but the opposite is true. Poor man. His parents are very old people and probably bought him to be in this place because they could not deal with him any more. Which I understand, but it's inhumane especially when you consider what a huge dump this place is. And now since Steve is in worse shape than a week ago, this place here should have a doctor daily to try to improve our chances and of course Steve's too.

And as soon as he is better, it should be quickly arranged for him to go home and his parents should have their money returned with some hefty bonus. And ask them to sign nothing, this place will want them to keep it innocent. Their son here has not been taken care of, Covid shows it even better, yes he can talk (you idiots) and he can cry too, in most countries this is called that he has been tortured.

September 22, 2023

The main imbecilian just walked within hearing distance with some other questionable character. Perhaps shopping for concentration camp for his kid. And one sentence of imbecilian really touched me with very negative effect, almost like an axe. How he lies and how lies become part of his average blah blah is incredible.

So he (if it's HE) said : "Well, you know, we just try to make it close to their home, so they - residents - feel like they are home". Insane. Puke. And "residents"? People here are "residents"? Like folks in jail are on vacation?

If he cashed another man and the kid will soon show up, we just experienced one giant step back again. Someone out there needs to warn people to do their best and avoid this Kremlin.

December 29, 2023

It's December and I have no good news. I talked to my parents today so that's one good news. Otherwise I can't get home, I am still held here for no reason as I am healthy. They have to pretend somewhere that people here are sick, otherwise what insurance would pay them?

There was one doctor's visit about 2 weeks ago, she did not find any bug or illness and made amazing error when she measured my height. She wanted to look smart and intelligent so she switched to centimeters ... and my height was 198 cm, which is 78 inches. That would be a nice giraffe, not me.

But hey, they have to keep people here so they can make money and probably scam all insurance agencies that can still pick up their phone calls. I have been threatened here a few times, for example I have been threatened that I suggested that I will shoot one of owners straight to his face. I never did and I don't own a gun, this is just one low point they can reach. I am sure the new low will come soon.

If you can help me out, thank you. Just be careful with people here. Or animals.

January 3, 2024

Nice reminder for the new year. This place can kill you, but before it does, it is killing your wallet. And it is killing insurance companies by daily lying. How much we pay these imbecils I don't know. When I ask they don't answer and just laugh as if you do when you make fun of someone. We pay hundreds and thousands dollars. Insurance agencies are taken for a ride but these criminals. And they won't lose money, they just raise their insurance fees elsewhere.

When we add it all up and when we one day get to the actual numbers, it will be close to heart attacks. Fraud is just too high and they cover it by "taking care" of ill people. There are no ill people here and no taking care of anything. When they go deep into their lies, they call us "patients". Which is close to what idiots usually do, lie to your face with lies so impossible to say even for real criminal lier.

With so much money they could put some of it to work for us. Just to cover up their lies a tiny bit. But no. 2 days ago we had pizza for lunch and dinner, nothing healthy for "ill" people. But they either got good deal or it was free. Or the pizza place paid them to take it. Since we are healthy we will eventually get sick just from what we have to eat instead of going dead from hunger. They claim and pretend that they cook for us. When that pizza was on the table, it was chilly, because it would take to put it to overn to at least make it warm. Insane.

We are being held by force, we are not allowed to go home. So som of us try to do some work or some activity for purpose. I write software, I built some scripts for the Internet. It would be good if they would insure that the net here is reliable and mostly on. It is not. And when we complain, they mention that we are stupid, that the net is on. Which means that the contorl light on computer is on when it tries to talk to router or network. Which it always does, but router does not talk to the internet. So we have well working network in this dump, but that network talks to nobody most of the time. They could have it fixed, but it could take a phone call to ask someone for help. Plus they may also pay for some help when service people show up. And that wouldn't work, how would our owners get all their needed finances to pay for some of their hookers, probably drugs, and go to bars and restaurants?

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