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Internet Never Works Here

Riverview - it is very sh**** to the last detail. We don't eat well, we are surrounded by idiots, and for that we loose our mental health and money.

I've been complaining about internet that mostly does not work. I'm writing this message and you will maybe get it in an hour or a few days. Maybe. People who criminally own this place and usually laugh when I complain and threaten me with something very not healthy have just knocked at my door and warned me that they have people to fix the internet.

It got me angry because I knew this was not going to be some net expert, but all I said was, ok, when will you shut it down? They said, and proudly, oh in about one minute. Your work depends on non functioning internet and when they claim they will fix it, it will happen in one minute. Not tomorrow, or 3 pm this afternoon.

And it will only take them half an hour she said. She can't boil a cup of tea, but she knows the net will be fixed in 30 minutes. This would be good time to yell at them the list of swear words, because if it takes 30 minutes, why didn't they do it year ago? And will I get compensated for missing hundreds of hours connected to servers? Or days, it counts better.

They did not say anything, but they wanted to feel even more admired and at the end they mentioned, hey, he is already working! I asked, who? They answered, an electrician ...

So our internet connection to high tech internet system is going to be corrected by "electrician". If he is electrician. They could do better job hiring plumber or truck driver, but when you can get electrician for nothing and squeeze him hard, who knows if it works out. Perhaps our heating will start working too.

But no net expert. It's like having the same breakfast for 2 weeks now, that lady gets paid, it is originally my money, but cooks nothing.

Have a good day.Kids conquering the Haleakala. Who needs a jacket?

Kids conquering the Haleakala. Who needs a jacket?

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