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2023, June 14

Avoid Advertising

We like to do business and we appreciate others who do business with us, for us or just do an honest clean business. We understand advertising is part of doing business, we don't like it and we would like to try to minimize or avoid it.

We suggest that you don't advertise via any of the following media or social media companies. Why? Many folks consider them unfair, work against freedom, censor many different thoughts and their authors. Ads help to waste a lot of paper, ink, electricity, bits and bytes, time ... and possibly also health.

Very important is also that ad providers need to keep advertisers happy and that in many cases works against their primary business. Consider that a giant car manufacturer advertises in your favorite newspaper, but has major vehicle safety problem. The newspaper would notmally like to cover this issue, but now has to self-censor to keep the advertiser happy and their customer. So all of this newspaper readers are not Newspaper readers, but mostly Car Maker readers.

But we don't buy car every day and not all of us, so that can be at times excused. So consider food that becomes less than healthy. Kids' toy that hurts more than lets them play. Computer company employing children in China. You can come up with your own examples, perhaps even specific cases.

There are many reasons that ads are not good for you and may even work against you. We understand and will do our best to never do any business with those who participate in advertising and we attempt to spread that word to others. We will let others know that we appreciate that they have minimized or avoided advertising and we will return to them with more of our business.

Advertising Providers


If you truly like to support places that offer advertising for you or your business, find different ways to do that. Support them, buy from them, donate to their causes, just consider avoiding direct advertising. Good relationship with businesses does not have to include wasteful advertising.


Save ink and paper and electricity and bits and bytes. Make ad providers nicer, mags and newspapers more readable, TV worth watching and radio better to listen. Internet more educational and entertaining and useful and social media truly social, not pushing you to buy something.

If you agree with this opinion, try to do the same if possible and refuse to support advertising. Let them know your opinion, consider avoiding business with advertisers. Help insure that advertising becomes more thoughtful, educational and helpful.

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